From Russia With Love

It's love at first sight for John and Ekaterina, but will they overcome the distance between them?

Ekaterina's heart is open for a new love story:

From: "Sonja Engle" <skstcafup@customer-160ecc.kornet>
Sent: September 05, 2009 10:25
Subject: With the best regards!

It?s a great pleasure to write you.
Do not think that this letter is a mistake. I do write you.
I want to explain the reason of my writing. And tell you a few words about
myself. Please, do not be afraid of my letter. That is not spam.
Well, first of all, my name is Ekaterina. I?m 36. I?m single and do not have
children. I live in Russia in the city Balahna.
There were a lot of different moments in my life; there was happiness,
sorrow, joy and disappointment. But now I face a great problem, it is a
problem of loneliness. I was married but at this moment I am a widow. I
couldn?t believe it for a long time ... I couldn?t believe that I?m alone...
You know, after my husband?s death I was loyal to him but now I?ve realized
that life goes on and I should continue my life as well. However for me the
word ?to live? is to be with a loved person and give him all my love.
That is why I addressed the international agency Dating. It is in my city
Balahna. I wrote a letter to you and left my photo. Well, I suppose, if you
read this letter it means that the manager of the agency wrote you. His duty
is to inform you and to find right partners to each other.
So, I?ll continue writing about myself. I?m looking for serious relations.
I?m looking for a man who will be able to love me and to love me as I am. A
person who will be able to love my inner world, my body, my appearance,
well, to love me all.
My picture will help you to get a first impression about me.
As for me, I?d like to say that my heart is open for a new love story. I
realized that I have to live, to love and be loved. I want to live and enjoy
this life, but not alone. And I want to make it with you.
I?d like to say that age difference is nothing for me. It doesn?t mean
anything. It is much more important what personality a man has.
What concerns me, I?m affectionate and considerate. I?m fond of cooking and
doing housework. However I also have a desire to have adventures. I love
pets as well.
I want it so much to make our correspondence possible.

I will be very happy to see your letters.

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:

Wish you all the best.
Take care.
Your Ekaterina.

John is interested:

from:     john galt
date:     Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 9:31 AM
subject:     Re: With the best regards!

Dear Ekaterina:
Your letter interests me very much. I would like to know some more about you, and would like to hear what you would like to know about me. I must also say that you are very beautiful, and would love to see some more pictures.


Ekaterina never used this means of communication before:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     john galt
date:     Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 9:12 AM
subject:     Hello John

Hello my dear friend John!!!

Thanks a lot for your answer. I really happy. Well, I guess, my letter was a bit unexpected for you and maybe you were surprised. Frankly speaking for me all this is extraordinary, it is the first time I come to the Internet cafe and used the Internet to meet a man. Well, I a little confused and even do not know what to start with.

As I have already said I never used this means of communication before.

But I really did not expect that you would answer.

And now a few words about me. Well, my name is Ekaterina, it is my full name, but my friends call me just Katya. (please, name me as) They say I a kind and generous person. I also a religious woman and go to church regularly. As you know, I 36. I used to be married but my husband died 3 years ago and now I live just with my dad. I quite a tall woman (170 sm) and weighs 55 kg. I was born on on October, 14th, 1972. I am Libra. I like when it is warm outside and all is green.

My favourite colour is red. I like tulips very much. These flowers are associated with spring and sun. They usually bloom in March. Like many women I also like roses.

I can call myself a backwoodsman as I was born in a far away Russian city Balachna. To be more exact in a village nearby but after some time my parents decided to move to the city. After finishing the school I studied in State Pedagogical University at the faculty of History. At first I worked as a teacher in a school but for the last 4 years I been working in a library. Though I do not earn a lot, I enjoy this job greatly. Sometimes I got a chance to have some extra work, e.g. give some private lessons at home, and prepare students to exams and entering to some Institutions. However it is quite hard to combine all this as I work 5-6 days a week and from time to time I have to take some work home. Besides we got a lot of extra events at work such as exhibitions, open classes, meeting with writers, poets and painters.

Well, I hope you are not bored reading all this. What else can I tell you?

As for my hobbies I fond of cooking very much. I really good at it and can imagine a great number of recipes. It is only necessary to have some free time, a lot of products and then I can cook a magnificent meal.

Well, I guess that is all in short. It is a very serious step in my life as I decided to get acquainted with a man, write him first and do all this with the help of the Internet. I just wanted to find my good fortune here. Anyway nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I just want you to know that I a very serious person and I not playing any games. I an educated middle aged woman and want to find a real man. It does not matter how old he is, whether he is rich or not, the most important thing is to love and respect each other and all left can be gained together. Besides that is not important where he lives as I will come to him anywhere if I feel that he really needs me. However I never been to other countries but do believe there cannot be any obstacles for a real love. Maybe I naive and still believe in love. But I am sure I $BCM (Jl be happy.

Dear, John I will look forward to getting your letter. Could you write me about yourself, your family, traditions, where you live, what countries you visited and what you know about Russia.

So, wish you all the best.

Take care.

Regards, your new friend from Russia, Katya!

John tells a bit about himself:

from:     john galt
to:     Ekaterina
date:     Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 1:45 AM
subject:     Re: Hello John

Dear Ekaterina:

Thank you for writing back, and thank you very much for the pictures. You are truly very beautiful.

To tell you a bit about myself, I am 46 and have a business in the tourism industry in [...]. Before moving here 10 years ago, I lived in [...], where I had another business..

I am currently separated, in the process of getting divorced. I have 2 children, 11 and 13, who spend every second week with me, and a grown son, who lives in [...].

I have a dog (Labrador retriever) and cats.

My father died 20 years ago, and my mother, who has remarried, lives in [...]. I have one sister who lives in [...]. I don't have any other close family, but many cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., who I see occasionally.

I don't know very much about Russia other than general knowledge and history. One of my grandfathers was born in Russia, but his family came to [...] when he was a baby. My other grandfather was born in the Ukraine, and also came here at a young age. I have travelled quite a bit in Canada and the United States, and have been to Mexico and The Bahamas, but my only visits overseas have been to Ireland (where one of my grandmothers is from) and Britain.

I am not really looking for anyone special right now, and would not get involved in a relationship until my divorce is final. I know that many people find this strange, but I believe that as long as I am legally married, I must respect the vows that I took. I guess I am old-fashioned in this way.

So you must be wondering why I answered your email. Like you, I realize that life goes on, and that when the time is right, I want to be with someone to share love and life with. When I saw your letter and picture, something urged me to answer. It was almost on a whim, but your reply back to me gives me the feeling I did not make a mistake.

Like you, I am not playing games, so it is important for me to be up front with you about my current situation. I know that this might scare you away, but I hope that it will not, and that we can enjoy this time to get to know each other.

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Ekaterina is fascinated:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     john galt
date:     Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 1:38 PM
subject:     Hello dear John

Hello my dear friend John!

I’m so glad to get your answer. And it is really fascinating for me to read your letters and learn about you more and more. I was sure that you are a very interesting person to talk to and a good friend as well.

I’m happy to know that it is a pleasure for you to speak with me. I want to say a lot about myself and to know much about you as well. Unfortunately I cannot write long letters to you. The reason is that I have to use the Internet cafй that is quite far from the library I work in. We do not have a computer at home as we cannot afford it (it is expensive). That’s why I cannot use the Internet often and have to write you from this cafй. It is not very convenient but still as I like speaking with you so much it’s ok to spend some of my free time.

Dear John, I should also let you know that I will not be able to write on Sundays because the internet cafй does not work this day. It is quite expensive for me to spend an hour here therefore just ask you to pardon me. Anyway I will try to answer you letters at once. I write very quickly, so if there are some mistakes, do not be angry, please.

I do know English and can speak and write in it. I learnt this language at school and at Uni. It was for a long time. I hope you understand all and I try to correct mistakes if I make some. Could you write more about yourself in the next letter? You see I want to learn as much as possible about you.

It is very important for me to make friends with you. Well, how do you do on the whole? Do you have children? Were you married? What is the weather like in a place you live? Please, write about your city and everything you are interested in.

As for me, I do not have my own flat in Balachna (it is a correct transcription of the name of my city). It is my father’s with whom I live now. My mother died 6 years ago. It is hard to speak about it but God took away all dearest people from me. My mother was wrongly operated on and she passed away. She was the best woman in the world, the best friend and the best mummy.

As for my husband, he was a military man. We had been living with him for 3 years but then he got in a road accident and died. Frankly speaking I was afraid that I would not be able to live after all this. First mother, then he. But life goes on. Anyway my husband was the one and only for me. And all others are moral monsters except my dad, of course. Well, I guess it is not necessary to write you about addicted Russian men and their bad habits. Let’s drop this subject and do not come back to it. It is hard for me.

I thought I was a failure... my dad saw how sad I was, I did not eat and drink... and just a year ago I realized that I should go on living and I should be happy. I used to pass my time at work, reading or doing some housework. I even almost did not go out.

My best friend (its name Irina) could help me. She just took me out of this rut and put me on my feet. Now just my dad and I are left and we support each other in difficult situations.

Thanks to my friend I decided to write you. She said that it is impossible to find anything in this country and more evident even to lose more. Her acquaintance has recently come to Russia and she is extremely happy being married to a foreigner. And I realized it is that very thing I’m looking for.

So, this is the story how I got to know you.

As I’ve already told you I’m fond of cooking, especially at holidays And my favourite holiday is my birthday. All my best friends come to me and we have a party up to the morning. My favourite dish that I like to cook and eat, of course, is chicken with spicy sauce. I usually serve it with baked potatoes and cheese. I’m also crazy about sweets, cakes, tarts and pies with fruit filling. Though I like pies on the whole, still prefer fruit ones.

My hobby is collecting fridge magnets where different cities are shown. My friends usually bring them to me from various places and my fridge is already full of them. Anyway I like them a lot and some of them are very dear to me. I also have a great collection of ancient books; it is the pride of my family.

Tell me, please, about your belief. Do you believe in God on the whole? What traditions and canons do you have John? My family is religious, we are Christians. We go to church on holidays. My city is full of beautiful old and modern churches. So to say it is a city-museum. Though many monasteries and temples do not work now, I like to come there as it is really very nice and relaxing.

My city, Balachna, is 450 km east from Moscow, capital of Russia. It is also not far from a well-known city Nizhniy Novgorod. My city is very beautiful. It seems that time has just stopped in it. If you want I will send you some pictures. My city is on the great Russian river - Volga.

Well, I’ll have to finish writing. I want to know you so much as there are so many things that are unknown to me.

Write me about everything. I will also try to speak about all you are interested in.

I’m looking forward to your answer. God bless you. All the best.

Best regards.

Your Katya.

John wonders if Ekaterina is paying attention:

from:     john galt
to:     Ekaterina
date:     Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 4:33 PM
subject:     Re: Hello dear John

It is nice to hear back from you so soon, and thank you for sending more pictures, but I am not sure that you read my last email, as I answered several of the questions you are asking in your message below. To be sure, I am copying the text of my last email here, and would like very much to know your feelings on what I have said.

John repeats his previous email.

Ekaterina is very cautious about men:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     john galt
date:     Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 8:11 AM
subject:     Hello my sweet John

Hello my dear friend John.

How are you? Well, as for me, I’m great.

Is very glad to write to you to this Sunday. Yesterday in we wash the Internet of cafe there was a day off. But it works today on this Sunday! I am very happy to write to you today!

Yesterday I was cleaned at home and prepared to eat. Today I went to church and thanked it for that that it has given me you! For me it is greater pleasure - you my happiness!! I as asked the god about yours health!

Today at us good weather, and I even have slightly walked. Now I shall go home I shall erase linen. We do it by hands

Excuse for repeated questions, simply I wished to learn more details!

Thanks a lot for your answer. It is really great that we keep our communication. I read your letters with a great interest and get to know you better. You are such a wonderful, clever and honest person! I want to ask you one question, what kind of person are you? I mean what type of people can you be referred to? Personally I am a romantic woman. Choleric, optimist and at the same time I’m a realist.

I’ll tell you a bit about my interests. And I’d like to learn about yours as well. How do you usually spend your free time?

I’ve got one unusual hobby, I suppose. I collect my dreams. I’ve got a special copybook where I put them down. Dreams from my notes are not just pictures and sounds without any sense but they are real stories. Something like fairy tales. I even give titles to all my written dreams.

What else can I write about myself? Really do not know.

It is quite boring to write about work. All this is connected with books, magazines and newspapers. As soon as I’m at my table, I’m just switched off from real life. Being among books I even forget about time and it flies there. However sometimes time crawls and I even have a desire to throw down all the books form shelves and then put them again to their own place. At least I try to find something to do.

I do not get great money for my job. All combined is about 8000 rubles a month. It is really little but as I live alone it is ok. Of course I’d like to get more, buy nice clothes and perfume like any pretty woman. I have to save to buy something good later. I think I’m a woman of taste and if I’ve got something in my head I’ll do it in any case.

When I’m free, I try to spend time outdoors. Fresh air and nature are my guarantee of health and beauty. And it does not matter what weather is outside. I also like swimming. And thus with my friend (my best girlfriend - Irina) we go to the swimming pool sometimes. We also go to the gym. Well, I’m a young pretty woman and want to look great.

I want to learn to skate a lot. Every time when I watch figure skating on TV, my heart sinks. I was born in a settlement and just after some time my parents decided to move to the city. However they could not afford to but skates to me and there was not even a place to learn to do it. The most popular kinds of sport in our settlement are skiing and skating.

However I am thankful to my parents for giving me a good education. They always said that every person should be rich in soul and wealth is not so much important. They were brought up in USSR, when a person was prohibited to have his own point of view, there was no freedom, and they had just a party and an opinion of totalitarian leaders. Nowadays we live in a different country where everything is different. We’ve got a lot of wishes and possibilities.

There are much more chances in the city now than in my settlement. We’ve got a garden there, but we have not gone there often since my mum’s death. The nature is gorgeous at this place and sometimes we go there with my friends.

I like everything in my city. It’s my native land and all seems good but still I do not have a person whom I can love. I’m looking for a kind strong man who will take care of me and, of course, who will love me. I’m sure that I will not be able to find such a person here.

Well I do not know how to explain it. You see, it is a hard topic for me I’m so much disappointed in Russian men. You are absolutely different from all men I know and from all Russians in the whole. It is true that most of Russians are bad people and addicted to alcohol. Well, our male sex is dying like dinosaurs. Especially in villages and settlements. In cities at least they work and in other places it is difficult to find a good job and so many of them just drink. And this credit crunch also affects and leaves many people without work. Of course there are rich businessmen but they have a lot of women. And frankly speaking they are not interested in them even

I want to be happy, but in a different way. I need a person to take care of. And he should also be very attentive to me. After my husband’s death I tried to find someone else. But that guy was rude and arrogant and after speaking with him for a while I realized he was a wrong partner …

I’m very cautious about men. I have not met good men for ages. I just have my colleagues and my friends’ husbands to talk to. But I trust you in all. I cannot explain it but I can tell you all my thoughts and wishes. I see and I feel that you are a good person that’s why I want to try to find that special someone here. Well, I feel from your letters and words that you are very kind.

I’d like to know you better and get more pictures from you. It is interesting to learn you as a personality and it is important as well. I do believe in our friendship and do not want to lose it.

Well, I’m finishing now. I’ve got a lot to do and have to go.

Look forward to your answer.

Take care.

Your Katya!!!

John likes to be up front and direct:

from:     john galt
to:     Ekaterina
date:     Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 8:20 PM
subject:     Re: Hello my sweet John

Dear Ekaterina:

It is a pleasure to hear from you, and thank you again for the pictures - you are even more beautiful every time I see new ones of you. I apologize that I have not yet sent you any of me. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I am using an older one that I cannot transfer pictures to. I have bought a new computer, but as my business is just ending its busy season, I have not yet had a chance to set it up. As soon as I do, I will send you some pictures. In the meantime, I will try to describe myself. I am 169 cm (just a little shorter than you - I hope this is not a problem) and 65 kg, medium build. I have brown hair (with just a little grey starting) with sideburns - no moustache or beard.

I am glad to hear that you like to swim. I live across from a lake and we spend a lot of time in the summer swimming and boating. We have two skating rinks in the village, and when the lake is frozen enough, I make one at our beach for my children (I am not a very good skater). We also have a ski hill in the village, and a lot of cross-county ski trails.

To tell you a bit about myself, I am the type of person who likes to be up front and direct. To me, the worst type of person is a hypocrite - someone who tries to please everybody by saying what they want to hear. I say what I have to say, and people may like it or not. In relationships, I insist on honesty, which I believe is the foundation of any friendship or relationship. I am interested in someone who loves and accepts me for what I am, and does not try to turn me into something else. Too many Canadian women try to change a men into what they think they should be. To be fair, many Canadian men do not have the courage to be themselves, and so they make false promises and lead women on to believe they will change when they really have no intention of doing so. So we have a very high divorce rate, but we also have a lot of funny t.v. shows (mostly from the U.S.) entirely based on this eternal conflict.

I also believe that a sense of humour is very important. Life can be full of struggles, and being able to laugh at ourselves makes it a whole lot easier. I probably get this from my grandmother, who was Irish. Through their troubled history, they developed a strong habit of laughing at themselves. Some of the funniest jokes I have ever heard were jokes about the Irish told to me by my relatives in Ireland.

I would like to know more about you on a personal level. What is your idea of a good relationship? How do you feel about someone who already has children? What do you think is the key to happiness in life? Please tell me these things, and anything else you would like to share.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ekaterina believes in real love:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     john galt
date:     Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 6:03 PM
subject:     Hello John

Hello my dear friend John!

I’m so happy to write you. It is a great pleasure for me.

How are you? How do you feel? And in my life still work takes most of the time.

I am glad to have at last an opportunity to write to you. On this Thursday - the present autumn day in Russia. In the street there is a slush and there is a small rain. As now in the street only +10 degrees Celsius.

I had very complex beginning of working week and consequently today I was enabled to have the truncated working day! And I am happy, I have deserved it! And now for me the greater pleasure to write to you!

What did you do?! What weather at you!?

I wish to find loving attitudes. I have no children! But I consider that children are angels!!

Today I want to tell you about the city I was brought up in. What it was and what it is now. There are a lot of sights in my city, a lot of Institutions and libraries. But ours is the biggest one.

A great number of Russian films were shot in our city. And on the whole this city is really beautiful; we’ve many parks and green lawns. There are also man-made ponds where you can see swans.

Near to us the great Russian river Volga proceeds! You can have a rest here, visit a cafй, relax and enjoy great sceneries.

It goes without saying that as in any other Russian city we also have some problems here. For example, many factories and plants are closed, roads are in a horrible condition, there is not enough light in the streets. However these are not only problems of our city but of the whole country unfortunately.

A few words about the history of Balachna (balakhna, balahna). Ancient Russian city. Year of the basis - 1474. It is located practically on coast of the river Volga, 35 km from Moscow and 450 to the east km from Moscow. The settlement on this place existed rub-four millenia prior to the announcement its city. Under own name Balaсhna for the first time is mentioned in Russian annals from the moment of construction in it a fortress in 1536 It is an ancient city and I will attach some of its pictures. Now you can see what a wonderful city we have.

Well, I also want to learn about your interests and hobbies. What music do you like? Do you visit theatres and cinemas? What kind of films do you prefer? And I will write you a bit about my hobbies.

So, I do not have any particular passion as I’m interested in many things. It all depends on my mood. Anyway I cannot imagine my life without music. It plays a very important role in it. I’m fond of classic music. I like Shopen, Grieg, Beethoven, Mozart and others. These composers have real masterpieces that I do admire.

I cannot say that I listen to some definite kind of music; I like many genres if it is made with talent. Thus, for example, the rock-opera “ Jesus Christ is Super Star “ influenced mу soul so much that I could not listen to anything but these arias. As for dance music, I have quite a lot of favourite singers. But I do not have a chance to go out often. That is why I listen to music on the radio or somewhere in a cafй … I used to go in for classic dances in my childhood.

There are also situations when this or that song is connected with some moments of my life. If I feel bad and hear any melody at this time it will be always associated with this event. I like listening to Grigorij Leps, Vladimir Kuzmin, Alexands Vasiliev (the band Splin), Vladimir Visozkij and others. I guess you’ve never heard of these names. As for foreign singers I prefer Era, Chackie Ray Harrelson, Joe Dossen, Adriano Chelintano and many others.

When I’m at work I like to listen to retro radio and sometimes even chanson. I love ballad songs as well, so-to-say, songs by singer poets. From time to time in our library we have such meetings when students gather and sing their own songs playing the guitar. Once I stayed at work for longer time to listen to this performance. They touched me to heart. I remember a few lines: “ I was looking for this woman among the stars but she was walking nearby ” or this one: “ We stole happiness to present it to each other ”. They moved me to tears! Well, things do happen.

And what is your attitude to art? Not just painting but art on the whole? Well, I cannot live without it. It is such a great thing that we lack nowadays. In my days off I try to go somewhere and get energy from theatres, museums or some exhibitions. It really brings me good mood. I love theatre and cinema. I cannot say that I watch all but I try. They often bring invitations to our work and I usually take them. I have a lot of favourite films. It is one more hobby of mine.

Cinema. Cinema. Yes, there is a great number of favoutite films and actors that I can write about over and over again. For instance, “Leon”, “ Tango in Three ”, “ Between heaven and ground ” etc. I’m sure even a whole letter will not be enough to describe all this.

Well, as for TV, I almost do not watch it. I’m so busy at work and when I’m back home there is nothing interesting on but news brief.

Do you John believe in real love or all is based just on passion? I do believe in real love and look for serious relations.

Oh, I completely forgot to write you in the beginning I told my dad that it has already passed several days since I met such a wonderful man like you. I said that we had met in the Internet and now write letters to each other. He accepted it with respect and is glad for our friendship and correspondence. He sends you regards.

My father is a great person and the most important thing for him is his daughter’s happiness. I want to tell you a lot about him but it seems that I have already learnt a lot about you and your family as well as you have It looks as if we’ve known each other for ages. Well, thus you appeared in my life and became a very close and dear friend.

So, my family has always celebrated different holidays together. And what about your family traditions?

Still, I have to go. I say bye to you. Please, answer all my questions. It is so important for me.

Good bye my dear friend!!! I will look forward to your answer.

Your Katya.

John asks what Ekaterina is hoping for:

from:     john galt
to:     Ekaterina
date:     Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 12:37 AM
subject:     Re: Hello John

Dear Ekaterina:

I am sorry for taking so long to write back to you. I have been very busy with my business this week.
It is very nice that you tell me about Balakhna, but I would like to no more about you on a personal level. What is your idea of a good relationship? What are you hoping for from our correspondence? What are your feelings about what I have told you about myself? Is it okay for you that I have children? (This is very important for me to know, as my children are most important to me.)
I am glad to hear that your father approves of our correspondence. He sounds like a wonderful man and a great father.
The pictures you sent of the sights of Balakhna are nice, but I would rather see more pictures of you - you are so much more beautiful than even the most majestic of buildings.
I am interested to hear that you like "Jesus Christ Superstar." I first saw it many years ago, and it has always been one of my favourites. Do you like other rock operas? Have you ever seen The Wall, by Pink Floyd? I am sure it was not allowed during the Soviet era, but what about now?
I am also interested to hear that you love ballads and singer-poets. Are you familiar with Chris de Burgh? I know he is popular in many countries, but I do not know if he is known in Russia. I have seen him play in [] many times over the past 30 years (now that makes me feel old), and even met him once, in a theatre bathroom at a show of Beatlemania!
I also like classic rock from the 60s and 70s. As for classical music, I like Mozart, Strauss, Wagner, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky. When I was little, my mother had a record of Swan Lake, and I used to listen to it over and over again, pretending I was the conductor. I am not a big fan of ballet, but I have seen Swan Lake and the Nutcracker Suite. I am now listening to the 1812 Overture as I am writing this.
I look forward to hearing from you soon, and I will not take so long to write back next time.


For Ekaterina it is greater pleasure and the big happiness:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     john galt
date:     Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 9:43 AM
subject:     Hello my sweet John

Hi-hi my dear John

I’m so glad to write you today.

Here this working week - this Friday also has come to an end. I am glad to write to you today!

For me it is greater pleasure and the big happiness!!! I had very complex week. Excuse for what that I have kept waiting for you my letter!!

Here new month already on October, 2nd also has begun, and I am happy to write to you!

Today at us rainy weather. In the street only +10 degrees. Also pours a lot of rain. It is the present autumn!!! And I am glad that this autumn at me is connected with you!!! For me it is greater pleasure and the big happiness!

As has passed your day!? Than you were engaged!?

With pleasure I shall answer your questions:

I very much hope for that that we can create strong attitudes between us! Also we shall be once together!

I am no time did not see the Pink Wall!

And I do not know that author about which you to me speak!

By the way my dad always asks me about you, about our correspondence. He often jokes that we make a good couple. However just two people know about you: my father and my best friend Irina.

When I get your letters and answer them, I always imagine as if you are nearby and we speak to each other. When the weather is not nice or I am in low spirits, your letters help me to feel better and I forget about all bad things. It is so nice after your warm words, I smile and I am happy all day. Many of my colleagues notice some changes in me. They say that I’ve changed a bit and of course changed for better. But they cannot imagine what is happening to me, what is on my mind and in my soul.

I suppose the less people know about our friendship, the better. You see we’ve got such a saying in Russia that the less jealous people know about your happiness, the happier you will be. That is the reason of my silence And what about you John tell your friends about us?

Well, as you already know there are only two people who know about our correspondence, my dad and my best friend. I told Irina, my friend, that I made friends with a wonderful and honest man. And she in her turn said that I’ve changed a lot and all this does good to me. I used to be very sad all the time. I was all in books and work. I did not notice anything or anybody. However one person could change my life and my attitude to men. Before meeting you I even did not want to hear of them. It was hurt and disgusting to think of anyone but my husband. But it turned out that life goes on. Time is the best healer. It is really so. No doubt my heart aches from time to time. You know at work I deal with women mostly and they say such horrible things about their husbands. But I do hope that not all of them are so bad. There are good people though even far away.

By the way tomorrow is my friend’s birthday, we used to be group mates at Uni and then she went to Moscow as many of my friends. I will send her a birthday card.

Just few people stay here, people mainly go to bigger cities to settle their life. I can say that though my city is beautiful there is nothing to do for young people. They cannot find good work and right partners for future life.

Irina is my best friend, she was and she is very close to me. But unfortunately this evening will be a bit sad as I will be alone. It is a pity that you will not be near as well. If you were I would introduce you to my friends and my dad. By the way his name is Anatolij Alexandrovich. He is 59, he is a pensioner at the moment. And my best friend, Irina, is 44. Both of them are good people. I do not know why but Irina has always been my best friend. We are friends since childhood and supported each other at school and at Uni. Irina is more senior than me for 9 years, in the childhood this difference was very much felt, for it I was as a doll) it it was possible to tell to me as second mum!! It always looked after and looked after me!! We live in one house in the next apartments since the childhood!!! It was always interesting to me to communicate with more senior people!! I considered that they more cleverly and know more. I always aspire to knowledge! In Russia we speak, live and learn!!

I love nature a lot. I like all seasons. I have already told you that I prefer summer. However I like summer as well. And there are a lot of great things to do every season. It is much more important to be in high spirits but to think of when, where and how is not a problem. Thus we always have fun outdoors. As I said before, it is really nice in our settlement. It is a great place for rest. You can pick berries and then make some stockings for winter. Well, forest, field, river, all is in one place.

We also organize different competitions and sport contests with friends. We swim and have a great time together. I like swimming greatly. And after a swim you usually have a great appetite. Then boys catch fish in our river and girls make fish soup. We also make barbecue. It is really tasty.

When I was small, my parents took me to the Volga it is frequent. It is a great Russian river. These memories are very sweet. This time is unforgettable for my family. I remember once my mother was given a sanatorium voucher to the Volga and we lived there for 2 weeks. This river is like sea for Russian people. However now it is really expensive to have a rest there. And if you want you should save for a year and eat almost nothing. That is why many people do not have such an opportunity to go somewhere.

I will think of you all day and miss you. You will be in my thoughts and I will feel better as a result.

I do desire you to make me the happiest person in the world. But we should be together for it, I hope it will be possible in future. I was looking for my fortune so long.

Promise that we will be together. Promise that you will think of me every day.

I will wait for your letter.


Your Katya. 

John suggests some music:

from:     john galt
to:     Ekaterina
date:     Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 10:42 AM
subject:     Re: Hello my sweet John

Dear Ekaterina:

It is nice to hear from you again.
If you like ballads, I think you might like Chirs de Burgh. (He played at the Barvikha Concert Hall near Moscow last March.) His web site is Please listen to some of his music and let me know what you think. I like almost all his music over the past 30 years, but I mostly prefer his older material. My favourite is a song called Hold On from his first album (Far Beyond These Castle Walls).
Please tell me more about your travels. Have you been to Moscow? St. Petersburg? Have you travelled outside of Russia?
As I have told you previously, I have travelled through much of Canada and the United States, and have visited England and Ireland, but have never been to mainland Europe, which is something I would very much like to do.
I have to get back to work now - since it is our slow season, it is the time for me to do many repairs and start getting ready for the busy winter season.
I hope to hear back from you very soon.


Ekaterina tells John the full tragedy:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     john galt
date:     Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 4:23 PM
subject:     Hello my dear John

Hello my dear John!!!

I miss you so much.

I am very happy to write to you to this Monday. Here my working day also has ended and I can write to you. For me this big happiness and greater pleasure. Today we had a rain but as there was a sun. Now at us in the street +14 degrees of Celsius. Today at me was a lot of work, we need to prepare the monthly report on the done work for a weekend. Today it has forced me to be late on work!!!

How has passed your day?! Than you have been borrowed!?

Really I travelled a little across Russia!!!

I even cannot explain all those happy feelings I have while reading your letters. They are like air that I breathe in. When I read them I always imagine you. I can see your eyes and hear your voice. I want to hear it so much but still … it is not possible now. However I will look for any opportunity to realize my dreams.

I do want to know how you are. How is your job? I hope all is fine. And my life is still the same. Nothing has changed. The greatest event is my acquaintance with you. I’m so glad that I found you. And I’m also happy that we get along well. It is a great pleasure to write you and I feel that it is mutual. I enjoy speaking about myself and at the same time learn something about you. I’m really happy that we met. Sometimes I think about it and it seems so strange that people living so far away managed to find each other. And I’m glad it happened to us.

I wondered for a long time if you believe in fate. I used to be skeptical about it but now I really believe in it. And I’m eager to learn your opinion about it.

I love the autumn very much and believe that this season will bring me good luck. In Russia it is the most beautiful time of the year because because in the street falls yellow leaves much! Many Russian poets such as Pushkin, Esenin sang of Russian autumn. That is why I like autumn most of all.

It does not matter what season it is now because my heart sings. I go to bed with a smile as I think of you. And I wake up in a good mood as well because I think of you. You are the joy of my life now.

John, more and more people notice some changes in me. And what about you? Have I changed?

I’d like to know your opinion about family. It is really interesting for me. If it is not so difficult, tell me about it, please. I often think about my being single. However it does not confuse me. Of course as others I feel sad sometimes but my dad and Irina help me to come out of depression.

Do you feel sorry for anything that you’ve made in your life?

I already get used to my way of life but I can say that to have a family and to have a person who loves you is the greatest thing. It is really horrible to lose it as it happened to me. But now when I have you I do not think about it so much. I used to think a lot about my mum, husband … and now I think only about you. I know I would be very happy to be near you one day.

I wish to tell to you full tragedy which I have gone through, I did not dare to speak you about it did not think as you will concern to it. But except for my husband I have lost my daughter, all this has occured already more than three years ago!!! I had a daughter, to it was only two years! For us with the husband it there was a greater pleasure, it was the long-awaited child, we long planned it. The husband, certainly wanted the son but when the daughter was born, it was very happy! In fact it was we with it the daughter, we have named it in honour of princess of Troy - Elena!! We were happy pair and we were pleased very much with our daughter, and in one unfortunate day, my husband with daughter Elena, have gone to meet me from work. They have sat down by a taxi because did not wish to be late, meet me, we should be in time in theatre on a children's fairy tale. They have not passed and 300 meters as in them on huge speed the driver of the lorry has driven!!! It completely drunk it could not cope with management!!! Nobody could survive... My heart during that instant has not jumped out nearly of my body though I still at all did not know that has occured. When I have learned all... I thought that I do not have sense more to live!! Constantly cried, a saw soothing!!! I could not tell at once about it to you, only the relatives knew about it! Now I know, that more close you are not present anybody at me!!! In this letter I shall send you my new photo with my daddy! And as a photo which I have been made by summer of 2005, in that photo with my daughter! Now you know all about me!!

Only I want that you did not show anybody this photo!!! We shall not be about sad!!!

Now all in the past! And I hope that waits for us the fine future!!

Would you like to have a big family? Or it is enough to be together for being happy?

You know, my friends tried to meet me with other men after my husband’s death but it did not work, all this was not for me.

Again I was speaking with Irina about you. On weekends we went to our friends’ cottage and on our way we spoke about you. Though she is older than me we understand each other very well. I always like speaking to older people because they teach me. We’ve got such a saying in Russia - “ live and learn ”. However Irina and my dad are not happy that we speak with you just in the Internet. I said it is ok. They are happy to see me smiling and in high spirits. They accept it as they think of my future and want me to be happy. And I want you to know one thing. I do not want to rush things. Anyway we are to learn each other better. It is very important for me. And I hope that you, John, will understand me correctly.

Irina asked me about your parents and your work, what person you are and so on. It was so amusing to watch her asking all the details about you. She wonders how we can speak and write in English and how I decided to get acquainted with a man in virtual reality. I printed your picture* and showed it to her. She liked you a lot.
* - John never sent a picture.

I finish writing here. Good bye.

Your Katya!! 

John cannot imagine how painful that must have been:

from:     galt
date:     Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 3:34 PM
subject:     Re: Hello my dear John

My day has been a bit stressful, as I had to take a test at the hospital this morning, and will not know the results until I see my doctor in November. But seeing your letter has made me feel better!
My business is in the slow season now, so I have time to do some repairs and make improvements, and people are starting to call for the winter season. My area is a popular destination because we have cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, but this last has declined a bit in the last few years because of problems with the trails.
When I was in university, I studied philosophy, so I cannot give you a clear answer on my beliefs about fate. Philosophers have pondered this, and the related questions of free will, for hundreds of years, and they still have no answer. I do believe that the universe does give us many opportunities, and it is up to us what we do with them. Sometimes what seems like the smallest choice in our lives, like answering an email from a stranger, can make a big difference in our future.
It is hard for me to say whether you have changed, since we are still just getting to know each other.
I used to have many regrets about things in my past, but then I came to realize that everything I have done has brought me to where I am, a nd I cannot be sorry for that. I heard a good line recently: "I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but I almost always end up where I need to be."
I am very sorry to hear about your daughter. I cannot imagine how painful that must have been for you.
As I have said, I am very up front and honest, so I must tell you that I cannot have more children - I had a vasectomy after my youngest daughter was born. If this is too difficult for you, please tell me now. It ias also very important for me to know if you would be able to accept my children, as they are most important to me.
I am glad to know that your father and Irina approve of our correspondence. I would not feel right about it otherwise, as they are closest to you and care very much for your well-being.
I hope to hear from you very soon, and look forward to seeing more pictures of your beautiful self.


John is so wonderful:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     galt
date:     Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 4:29 AM
subject:     Hello sweet John

Hello my dear John!!!!!!

I was extremely happy reading your letter.  I am so pleased with everything that you write. You are so wonderful! And I want to say that I am sure of your sincerity.

At me very complex working week, excuse for delays which occur because of my work. For me the huge pleasure and the big happiness to write to you! For me it is the greatest dream! I am happy to write to you. Now at me a lunch break. And just now I can write to you.

My daddy and Irina send the regards to you!!! They have asked as to send, that wish all most the best for you, but first of all health!!

I was in Moscow and St.Petersburg. But I never was outside Russia!!!

Im really sorry that I cant answer you every day. I just do not have a chance to come to this Internet cafe so often or I just have some problems with it. Well, I do try to write every day. From time to time I think that something can happen and then we wont be able to write each other any more. It would be horrible as your letters are an integral part of my life now. They are very important for me. Like air!

Travelling is one of my dreams. As you know Ive never been abroad. Ive always wanted to visit different places, learn other nations traditions and customs. But unfortunately I have never had such an opportunity. And I wish I had. Most of all Id like to visit some islands. I think it is the most mysterious place. They are eternal. They can sink in the ocean and then no one will ever see them. It is the most mysterious place for me. But I cant say for sure what attracts me so much in them. Id like to see the sunset lying on the sand and breathing in the smell of the ocean.

John, tell me, please, what do you do in the evening? How do you spend your weekends? I want our relations to be honest. I speak with my dad and my friend about you but no one has ever read your letters. I suppose it is something personal and nobody can see it. I hope you agree with me. I wonder, what is your attitude to our relations? I want them to be based on trust. I feel that my heart doesnt lie to me. And I like what I feel now.

Im full of emotions. And I can feel that it is mutual. I dont want there is any lie between us. I want everything to be honest. I suppose that it is very important in peoples relations. Ive always told you the truth. And Im sure that any relations should be based on it. And what do you think about it?

You are a very kind person. I do want to find a good man with whom I can have serious relations in future, in whom Ill be able to see a true, loving and caring person. I like thinking of you. I like imagining you. I quite often think how our relations can develop in future. Do you think about it? Tell me, please.

I appreciate when a person is honest and sincere. I hate when someone lies or betrays. And I want to believe that there are people on our earth who think like me. I want to meet a person who will be able to share with me joy and happiness as well as sorrow and misfortune. All 50-50. Well, the most important thing is when people support each other in different situations What do you think John?

It is very hard for me to explain everything I want to say to you. Id like to tell you a lot of things about myself and I like it when I write you about myself.

Do you like your job? Write me, please, what part of your life does it take?  What is the most important for you? What is family for you? What is more important?

As for me, family plays an integral role in my life. I guess, now my dad and Irina are the closest people for me. But I want to find my half very much. As soon as I find him I will give him to no one.  Though it seems to me, I have already found a man who is right for me and for whom I can do everything...  and a man I will follow everywhere. And the only necessary thing is to have your strong shoulder near mine.

I do want our relations to be honest. I do not want to hurt you and do not want to hurt myself as it is really hard to believe a person again after betrayal. But I think it is not about us and we are safe.

Well, I will finish here. I am really sorry that I cant see your eyes when I talk to you

I look forward to your letter.

Your dear Katya!!!

A short note from John:

from:     galt
date:     Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 8:34 AM
subject:     Re: Hello sweet John

Dear Ekaterina:

This is just a short note to let you know I got your last letter, and will answer it in more detail next time. It is Thursday morning, and tomorrow starts a holiday weekend (we call Thanksgiving), so I am very busy because it is our busiest weekend in the fall season, and today I have to find a replacement for some equipment that is not working. Sometimes I think it would be easier to work for someone else, but I like the freedom of having my own business and being my own boss, even with the responsibilty it brings.

Thank you also for the pictures - you just keep getting more and more beautiful!
Write back soon, and next time I will write more.


Ekaterina wants to hear John's voice:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     galt
date:     Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 3:54 AM
subject:     Hello my dear John

Hello my dear John!!

I’m happy to see your letter again. I was looking forward to it.

Here working week also comes to an end. I am glad to write to you today

On this Friday I have handed over the report on the done work for September. Yesterday I needed to prepare it, therefore I could write to you.

At last I have finished with it. I am very tired because of it! And how has passed your day?! I hope, what you are not so tired??

Now at us it is cold, in the street only +11 degrees. Also there are rains!!

Very much it would be desirable to nestle on you and to be warmed!! And you would like?!

Now at me a lunch break!

It is like air that I need so badly right now. Your letters are like a connecting link between us. I am so much bored when I realize that you are far away. It seems that I fall in love with you more and more every day. I want to be happy and want serious relations. I’m tired of being alone. I want to be wanted. I need my loving man. I was waiting for you so long. You just rushed into my life so unexpectedly and aroused thousands of feelings that I had already forgotten.  At first I even feared but not for me, for both of us. How will we live without each other? How did we live without each other all this time, I wonder? I existed but didn’t live. I was walking, falling in love, losing close people, hurrying to work, missing buses, laughing, crying and … feeling empty at the place of heart. Only now I’ve realized that I was waiting for you for ages. Yes, it was hard without you, I did make mistakes and then regretted. But who doesn’t make them?

With a strange feeling of love another feeling was born in my heart: fear. It turned out that I had been alone all this time though there had been hundreds of people around: close and not close, friends and just acquaintances. Lonely. Such a sad, empty cold word. And now when I have you I’m frightened that this nagging emptiness can appear in my heart again. When I say your name, I pronounce it gently and tenderly as if tasting it. You know I remember all letters, everything that is connected with you. I do dream of the moment when you will touch my hand with tender fingers. My eyes make me look at the world and all around in a different way. Eyes … it is so hard to look at them in your pictures as I gasp for breath because of some strange feeling, being delighted with realizing that you are to be nearby... that I will be able to touch you, your hair, to touch your cheeks with my lips. I’m dying. Yes, I’m dying without you; I’m melting in the air full of you. I like those numerous thoughts I’ve got on my mind. Sometimes they force me to cry a bit, sometimes to sparkle like the sun. However more often you can see tears in my eyes.

You taught my lips to smile as I know that I breathe thanks to your letters, walk happily in the street as if trying to find you in the crowd. I look at this world with your eyes and my heartbeat coincides with yours.

It is strange I’ve never missed someone except mother and husband. I tried but it didn’t work. But as soon as I enter the Internet cafe, I step into a new world and at once I feel nerves at my fingertips, a great feeling of loneliness is trying to penetrate my soul, the place that I cherish only for you. Please, curl up in this small space that is full of webs and dust because of loneliness. You won’t need a heater as my heart is a flame It burns me down but it will warm and protect you.

I understand that it is impossible, it is wrong, it mustn’t be so. But how should it be? Please, explain. What shall we do to be together?

You are experienced; you are like wise Buddha with a cold and reasonable heart and mind. Tell me, do you know what to do with me and my heart? Crush it? Spread it on the ground and then clean the boots with a blue duster from the trousers? Break it into two pieces with a knife?  Just forget about it? Or let it love you greatly, beat as if it is for the last time.

They say there's no way to make up for lost time. Please, be near; do not allow loneliness to penetrate into my soul. But do not trample, do not leave marks. Do not criticize my thoughts, they are all about you. Believe me

I love. I like this word. It is so soft, warm and great. I will tell the whole world screaming, whispering and crying how much I love you.  I want to hear your voice so much. I do not want to lose anyone no more.

Unfortunately I do not have a telephone neither at my parents’ nor at the flat I rent. I’d like to talk to you on the phone, to hear you and feel your breath in the receiver and just imagine that you are near. I heard that it is possible to ring to other countries from the call office. I will try to find out how I can call you and I will do it as soon as possible. I need your contact details for it. And thus I’ll be able to call you. It is also can be your work number. Well, it is up to you. As soon as I learn it I will let you know. Well, would you like to hear my voice as well?

So, what do you think will be with us? Write me John, your thoughts about it. You see, before our meeting I knew for sure what and how I would do, I was aware of my plans for a few next months. And now I’m at a loss. I can’t think about anything, to say nothing about work. You are always on my mind. On the one hand it is good but on the other this situation frightens me greatly. And the greatest problem is that there are hundreds of kilometers between us. And it worries me most of all. If you were near everything would be different and maybe there wouldn’t be anything at all. I know that some power leads us in our life. And everything that happens to us is not a coincidence.

I believe in fate but still know that there are things that a person chooses himself. I mean the way he follows in life. Some mysterious power of love leads me to you and I do not want to resist. I want to let things ride for the moment. And if there are some obstacles, I want that we will cope with them without nay problems.

I do not want to lose these relations. I’m afraid to lose the link that connects us. And I’d like both of us to try to do everything to strengthen it.

I will wait for your answer John.

Kiss you tender.

Your Katya.

John would very much like to hear Ekaterina's voice:

from:     galt
date:     Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 6:24 PM
subject:     Re: Hello my dear John

Dear Ekaterina:

It was very nice to get your letter, and your beautiful pictures. I hope you will never stop sending them!

It has been a very busy weekend here, our last big weekend until the Christmas holidays. Now it gets much quieter, and we use this time to do major cleaning and repairs. At the end of this month we have our bi-annual inspection by the Tourism Ministry, so we have to have everything as perfect as possible.

When did you rent a flat? I thought that you were staying with your father?
I would like very much to hear your voice. I understand that it will be very expensive for you to call here, so perhaps I can call you at the library when it is your break - if you can give me the phone number and tell me exactly what time to call.

It is getting cold here now; last night went below 0, and we saw the first few flakes of snow today. This week we will remove our boats from the lake and close up the beach - it seems we start preparing for winter earlier every year, yet still it always seems to take us by surprise.

Please write back soon.


The Internet now is the only way to be a bit closer:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     galt
date:     Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 5:16 PM
subject:     Hello my lovely John

Hello, darling John!

It is so pleasant to realize that there is a man in this world who loves, appreciates, respects and is afraid to lose you as well as you are afraid to lose him. How are you, honey? What is the weather like there?

I am very glad to write to you to this Monday! Here over again my working week also has started. Today not clear weather, like would shine the sun but nevertheless +7 degrees of Celsius are cold only.

I think that this working week will not be complex. Ideas on you will help to consult to me with all difficulties! My daddy and Irina send the regards to you!!

How there have passed your days off??? Than you were engaged.

Yesterday as usually I was in church!! Prayed for ours with you happiness!!!

Ive been looking forward to this moment I even didnt think that I would be so happy. Well, just Night and Silence know what is really on my soul and mind. Only at night I let myself get rid of the mask, only Night will keep my heart away from other looks. And Silence listens to me patiently, it lets me speak and just cry

The Internet now is the only way to be a bit closer to you but it is so hard! I want to hide from everything. My fingers print sacred words and they do not want to stop

I want to escape from this reality, from my work, people, from this tremble and hatred to myself just because I cant control the situation and just have to trust time at the moment.

Well, this is the first time Im smiling through tears. I smile as Im happy that I have such a person like you. I cry as I do not want to part with you either for a month or a week or a day. I dont want to lose you. Even parting for a few hours is horrible for me. When, for example, I wait for your answer.

Id like to know that you are near me, that you are in the same city with me. I want to feel you here. I feel sad and depressed when I think that you are there and Im here. Well, I promise that I will write you daily wishing good morning and good evening. I will check my e-mail in the hope to see your letter. I will definitely answer and speak about my life without you. Not so long ago I even couldnt think that the Internet can connect me and you. Did you think about it?

Sorry, that the description of my life wont be so bright. But you are not near. Colours fade without you and some of them even disappear. Bit I will try to encourage you so that you wont be as upset as me. I do not want you to suffer. As you feel everything. I promise to miss and dream of you. Can you hear? I promise! Id like to send all my kisses to you by mail.

My love John, you are like a dream, so fantastic, colourful and mysterious. If only it would be possible to record this dream as I wish this dream to last forever. Let I feel like a sleeping beauty but my prince will see the same dream and I do not need anything else.

I love you with all my heart and soul. Sometimes it drains me as I desire to be yours forever, to give me all to you. However it gives me more power and energy than any hero has ever had on the earth.

Well, all 4 seasons are combined in your image. You are my spring as you smile so sweet and can cheer me up in any case. You are my summer as you are warm. I feel so warm and cozy with you, Im less afraid when you are near and with you I do not pretend I am as I am free in my thoughts.

Coelho wrote that: Love leads to freedom. I didnt agree with him, I was sure that love obliges you and you depend on it. But now Ive got absolutely different ideas, to depend on you is the greatest thing, to respect you is an honour, to look in your eyes and try to guess your thoughts is the most interesting mystery in the world.

Life is an amazing thing, we live, live and live but when we fall in love we understand that we just existed before Wings appear on our back, we can fly and now the most dangerous thing is a fear of falling down.

I live on trust and love, they always warm me up. I believe that we will meet not in dreams but in real life. You John, know it is enough for me just to look at you to be happy. I dont know why but at these very moments when I think about you tears full my eyes...

Ive understood that I will be able to love you no matter what. It wont be important for me whether you are good or bad, rich or poor, handsome or ugly. The most essential part is not this. People really love for nothing. And if someone ever asks me why I loved you I will answer: Just because he is and lets me love him

It is wonderful when someone loves you but to love is the greatest happiness. Your and my life is two parallel lines which arent supposed to meet. However they cross at definite moments of life. Weve found each other and it is the most important. There is such a great number of people in this global net and we managed to meet.

Our love is an ocean where I sink and choke trying to get out of it. But you do not have such a possibility and over and over again suck me in these feelings. Why there is you and me but there isnt US?

Best regards,

Your Katya!

1000000 Kisses for you

John did not ever think of finding someone on the internet:

from:     galt
date:     Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 10:20 AM
subject:     Re: Hello my lovely John

Dear Ekaterina:

We are still very busy here preparing for next week's inspection by the Tourism Ministry. It is now getting cold here - there is frost on the ground this morning.

I hope all is well with you. You mentioned in your previous email that you had rented a flat. Was there a problem staying with your father? I hope not.

You have not yet answered some of my questions. We have been corresponding for a while now, and I would really like to get to know more of your feelings about things that are important. Is it okay with you that I already have children and cannot have any more? Can you wait for my divorce to be final before we meet?

To answer your question, I did not ever think of finding someone on the internet. As I mentioned, when I got your first email, it was on a whim I decided to reply. When I saw your picture, something about your eyes moved me to think that I should answer this beautiful woman, and I realized that there was nothing to lose. I am glad I followed this instinct.

Even though we are separated by great distance and time, when I see your pictures, I know that you are a real woman somewhere on the other side of the world, and if the universe meant for us to have the opportunity to be together, we will not lose that chance.


Ekaterina will do everything for John:

from:     Ekaterina
to:     galt
date:     Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 1:33 PM
subject:     Hello my love John

Hello honey John!!!
I want you to be happy so much and I will be grateful to you if you let me help you in it.
Is very happy to write to you to this fine day. Today since the morning the daddy and Irina have made a pleasant surprise, they have prepared for a pie and have woken me with shouts « rise, and that you will oversleep all birthday!! » I have risen reluctantly and have understood that here and me and 37 years (as you know that I of 1972 of a birth) were executed.
And now I receive my best gift for today is your letter!! For me it could be valid the best that today. I shall not mark my birthday, I in easier evening with the daddy and Irina shall have a drink wines. Now I have already finished work!
Than you are engaged today!?
I will present you the sunset, the moon, its light and stars. I’ll give breeze as well; it will be as soft as touch of lips. I will present you myself because I love you. You warm my soul and light up my life. With you I’m like in a happy dream. You are a miracle and I understand day by day that I love you very much.
Only your words help me to be sure of the future, they calm me down and make me laugh. I dream of being together, I will do everything for you. Cook for you, kiss you back, walk by hand and squeeze my fingers so that you will warm them. I will go mad after your kisses. I will breath in the smell of your divine body hiding in your neck. I will hug you and feel how you’ll kiss my hair. I will feed you with your favourite sweets. I will kiss you from morning till night.
I would give a lot to prolong morning, to fall asleep on your breast and feel your strokes on my back, to wake up and pass by on tiptoe not to disturb you, to be sure that nothing will separate us. It is just impossible. I know we are to meet and to be together.
I want to wear your clothes and then feel your smell for a long time, to sign postcards and write there how I love you. I will wait for you the whole day and then you will be all mine forever. I want to wake up at night and look at you, smile, hug you and go on sleeping in your arms. I want to walk with you, just stroll along the streets when there is no need to hurry and thus kiss you all the time and feel your tender.
I want to hear compliments from you, think about you and miss you, need you, get crazy and then to be the happiest person. I am sure that all will be like this. And that is not just my dreams. I know and I feel that you think the same and want it as well as I do.
I love you, my dear. Love you with all my heart and what is important – mutually.
Well, I’m the happiest person for so many days already. I’ve found YOU John!!! Where were you before? I’d like to speak about my love all the time everywhere and to everyone. We had been living without each other so long; we had passed a long walk separately and finally met each other.
They say God does it on purpose when we meet wrong people first so that after meeting that one and only we will be grateful. I’d like to go to church this weekend to thank him that I can love again. I’m thankful to God that I met you. No one has ever cared about me as you do now. No one has ever supported me and understood as you. No one has ever written me such words. No one has ever loved me as you love. My thoughts mix up when I think about you when I reread your letters. I want to be with you all the time. I love you as I’ve never loved anyone and I will love you even more. I promise, my sweetheart.
Well, maybe one day our love, love in which I believe will become true … would you like this, John?
You know, I’ve read a lot of romantic books where people communicated with the help of letters, sent then to each other in different ways and waited for the answer for ages. Well, we are lucky, John, we’ve got the Internet and e-mail. And now it takes just a few minutes. And we should be happy.
It is hard for me to speak about anything but feelings. Well, how are you, honey? How do you feel?
At the very beginning of our correspondence I had a serious talk with my dad. He said that it was not just a fun and simple acquaintance. I was looking for serious relations. At that moment I even couldn’t imagine what would happen to us and our feelings. However I knew for sure that I was ready for everything to be with my sweetheart. But still I told my dad that wherever I would be I would always remember about him and help him in every situation. And in his turn, he promised to do everything not to break my happiness. It was a difficult and long conversation, and so I couldn’t but cried. My father calmed me down and said that I should be happy. But he asked me to tell him about you? Aren’t you against? Maybe you want to tell him something?
All my friends and my dad are happy to hear that I’m in love … My heart tells the truth.
I wish you a good day and a good night. I want to kiss you greatly but as I do not have such a possibility I blow you a passionate kiss. I’m looking forward to our meeting and I’m ready to fly to you as soon as it is possible.
We have born loneliness for a long time, we have lived without each other and we deserve to be together and love.
Best regards.
Your Katya.
I kiss you and love you …

John seems not to have gotten Ekaterina's last email:

from:     galt
date:     Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 2:03 PM
subject:     Re: Hello my lovely John

Dear Ekaterina:

I have not heard from you since my last email, almost a week ago. I hope all is well with you. Perhaps you have been too busy at the library and have not been able to get to the internet cafe. In case you did not receive my last email, I am including it here.

I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to your answers to my questions.


John repeats his previous email.

John is getting worried:

from:     galt
date:     Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 9:10 AM
subject:     Fwd: Re: Hello my lovely John

Dear Ekaterina:

I have still not heard from you, now over a week, and I am getting worried. I hope you are okay. I hope the questions I asked did not upset you - if so, please tell me. If you have changed your mind about me because I have children and cannot have more, or because I must wait for my divorce to meet you, I will understand this, but please tell me. I just want to know that you are okay.


John never hears back from Ekaterina.

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  1. How was she a scammer? She seemed very nice and did not ask for money.