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A reader's guide to Breakfast With Scammers.
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Updated: 2012-07-12

Big Box of Confusion

Safia's master left her a big box of money.
Mike wants to get his hands on her box.

Stuck In The Middle

Irina wants to share the large pleasure with John, who often bursts into song.
John wants to be stuck in the middle with Irina and her milfy Aunt Lena.

There Must Be Some Mistake

Peter is smitten with the lovely Elena, but is she the woman he thinks she is?

From Russia With Love

It's love at first sight for John and Ekaterina, but will they overcome the distance between them?

Marvelous Maravella

John thinks Maravella is marvelous.
Maravella tells John that his wish is her command, but John has doubts...

UNHCR News Service

Breaking News Stories from UNHCR (United Nations Heiress Camp Refugees)

A Sister in a Missionary Position

Brother Terr attempts to recruit a Sister in a Missionary position servicing the Brotherhood. 

Sonia's Box

Young Sonia needs help getting her box away from Mr. Kunta.
Mrs. Windsor would like to adopt an orphan.

The Ballad of John & Cynthia

John Galt wants Cynthia as his traveling companion, but Cynthia may not be willing to go as far as he would like.

A Taste for Miss Stephanie

Dada gets hungry for the beautiful and soon to be wealthy Miss Stephanie, but he might be trying to bite off more than she is willing to let him chew. Warning: contains partial nudity.

Son of Idi

Dada replies to Adline's letter with a similar one of his own, wherein he is the illegitimate son of  the late Ugandan dictator and alleged cannibal Idi Amin.

Dead End

These short-lived scambaits end abruptly when the scammer mysteriously stops responding. (Shown newest to oldest, by end date.)