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A reader's guide to Breakfast With Scammers.
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Updated: 2012-07-12

Some friends have recently taken up scambaiting as a hobby, and share their exploits here. The purpose is to have some fun with the lads and waste their time.

Our friends:

Dada: Roughly based on the late Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and his alleged dietary habits, he has an appetite for beautiful young women. He is generally older and has lots of money.

John Galt: Who is John Galt?

Scambay Terr: A brother in the Holy Moses! Brotherhood of the Caped Crusader, sometimes a rather naive young man soon to be cast out into the wide world with the trust fund left by his late parents.

Elizabeth Windsor: The Queen of England.

Peter: Just a horny dude.

Supporting characters and other credits appear at the end of each bait.


Only completed baits are posted, and include all emails exchanged,  generally in chronological order; some exceptions are made for the sake of continuity.  The lads' email addresses are left intact; the cast's email addresses are partially masked or omitted. Correspondence appears in black, comments and notes in red, credits in blue. Formatting used by the lads that is not relevant to the content (such as all bold, large text, or text colours) has been removed.

Photos sent by the lads are posted as received (exception - faces of children have been blurred for their protection). Note that these are almost always stolen, without the knowledge of the people in the photos. Celebrity photos used by the cast are chosen based on recognizability (except by the lads) and wide availability.

The cast does not look for scammers. All initial emails replied to have been randomly received. No lads have been physically harmed in the making of this blog. Yet.


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A Note to the Lads:

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So long, and thanks for all the fish.


  1. Good work! This looks like a fun hobby...hummm, I wonder if I'm smart enough to play with the scammers? I enjoyed reading your adventures and will follow your progress.

  2. Ya know, I really did have something witty to post, but because of my short attention span it's gone. I cannot and will not profess to be the writing prodogy (or should I say writing Nazi) that some in the forum clearly are, but I get by.

    I will make this simple and sweet. Your blog is brilliant. I am glad you take on these asshats and waste their time, aggravate them and flip the proverbial finger at them. You.fucking.rock.